Dr. Jen Gunter

Gwyneth Paltrow and GOOP are hiring a fact checker because they couldn’t Word Salad their way into a publishing agreement with Condé Nast.


It is troubling that Paltrow finds medical facts tiresome and old school (per her profile in the New York Times Magazine) and yet wants to help women find good information about health. Facts are the thing that makes one empowered to make health care decisions, although it is possible they get in the way of purchases.

Since I am the 2018 People’s Choice for GOOP fact checker I decided to do one for you all in return for giving me this prestigious award.

I am working on the menstrual hygiene chapter for my book, The Vagina Bible, so I decided to fact check the recent GOOPy claims about SHE. tampons, a product they are only having a conversation about and totally not endorsing even though they…

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