Quick and easy dinner rolls: Wellness Dr. Jen Gunter style

Dr. Jen Gunter

I get a lot of requests for my dinner roll recipe, so I decided to finally write it up! This is my version of wellness. So Paltrow better watch out, because my brand of wellness is practical, healthy, tasty, and inexpensive. Oh, and I’m not selling you anything.

Why is baking wellness?

I love bread, biscuits, pretzels, tortillas, Yorkshire pudding — it’s all good. Flour and yeast are my friends. I mean I’m a gynecologist, I am a literal yeast expert.

My problem with bread stuff is I have trouble stopping. They go down so quickly and butter is their friend. And are so good. I love them. All.

About 8 years ago I lost 60 lbs. and I realized that the diet that got me there could only work long-term if I could eat the food that I love. Denial is not a life strategy. I decided the way I…

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It’s time to winterize your vagina

A must read!

Dr. Jen Gunter

I know you have all just put your decorative gourd attachments on your vibrators, sugared yourself with a candied ball of maple syrup and sweet potato, and spruced up your lady cornucopia with a pumpkin spice douche, but according to the Daily Mirror the Ice Queen cometh and she’s a cruel mistress.

It’s winter vagina time, bitches.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 12.22.49 AM.png

How can your vagina possibly defend itself against the storm — snow swirling through your pubic hair, frosting your labia, chilling your vestibule, silencing your clitoris?

Winter vagina is a thing. Take it from me. I’m from Manitoba. Winter vagina is so bad that no one can possibly have sex December though March. You’ve seen a tongue on flag pole in winter? Right. Like that, only worse. Try ripping that shit apart without anesthesia. Talk about roughing it in the bush.

Winter vagina is so harsh that Canadian Labor and Delivery units shut…

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I fact checked Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOPY tampon claims. They’re a hot mess.

Dr. Jen Gunter

Gwyneth Paltrow and GOOP are hiring a fact checker because they couldn’t Word Salad their way into a publishing agreement with Condé Nast.


It is troubling that Paltrow finds medical facts tiresome and old school (per her profile in the New York Times Magazine) and yet wants to help women find good information about health. Facts are the thing that makes one empowered to make health care decisions, although it is possible they get in the way of purchases.

Since I am the 2018 People’s Choice for GOOP fact checker I decided to do one for you all in return for giving me this prestigious award.

I am working on the menstrual hygiene chapter for my book, The Vagina Bible, so I decided to fact check the recent GOOPy claims about SHE. tampons, a product they are only having a conversation about and totally not endorsing even though they…

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So Sookie stopped by to chat this morning – Decisions, Ch. 33 (yes, Decisions) (yes, Sookie)

Addicted to Godric...Eric...Andre...(Sevrin)

So yeah, Sookie from Decisions (yes, DECISIONS) stopped by this morning and was all chatty – downright verbose for her usual self!  I’m not an idiot (usually) so hell yeah I took advantage of this situation.  I’m only now on my *SECOND* cup of coffee and this chapter is done and everything!  For SOME vague, strange, dunno-why-I-think-it reason I had the notion that you Eric/Sookie shippers might enjoy this rare other-character treat, so here:

Decisions Story Banner


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What I am going to do is the following

We can’t let this fandom die!!!

You Want Blood Awards

An empty podium stands in the front of the room where everyone is waiting for notification about what is going to happen to our beloved fandom. A door in the back opens and in walks a simple woman surrounded by two very famous members of said fandom: Eric Northman and Godric.  The impressive vampires stand to each side of the podium to provide their support. The woman takes her place behind the podium and is nervously shuffling and straightening of her note cards.

*cough cough, deep breath*

“Testing….Testing… Can everyone hear me? Anyone still here? Heck, I’m continuing anyway. Okay, I am not an eloquent writer like some of the amazing women in this fandom. I don’t even have the ability to proof read my own posts often not finding the mistakes until days after it was posted so I will depend on someone else for that. *You know who…

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Something I need to say…

Soap box

Normally I take everything with a grain of salt. I know all of you are really invested in the stories you read, and I love that about all of you. But what I cannot tolerate are the anonymous people on fanfiction.net that like to shit hate (thank you EIM!!) because they don’t like what they THINK is going to happen in a story.

I know how I left the last chapter of Waking Up Dead, and a lot of people aren’t happy with it. That’s OK; I expected it. To be honest, I like causing controversy. With that being said, this story IS NOT an E/S/G pairing. It is an E/S pairing. HOWEVER, to expect a newborn vampire with impulse control issues (which is what Sookie is) to be  monogamous is somewhat ridiculous in my humble opinion. Did I say Sookie is gonna fuck everything under the moon? No. Did…

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